Best Weapon Skins in Standoff 2

best weapon skins standoff 2

Skins in Standoff 2 play an important role. Players use them to highlight their status. Moreover, customizing weapons is a more obvious way to stand out than honed skills and excellent match statistics.

In this guide, we have collected the best gun skins in Standoff 2, with which you will definitely not get confused with other players! Our choice is subjective and may differ from yours.

In order to express your opinion, use the comments at the end of the article. Just write what weapon skins do you like and why?

Skins are sorted by rarity in ascending order. All mythical weapons are at the bottom of the list.

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The Best Skins in Standoff 2 2021

The list of the best skins in Standoff 2 can be found below: 

  • AKR “Carbon” from the Rival collection
  • P90 “Ghoul” from the Origin collection
  • M16 “Iron Will” from New Year 2021 collection
  • M4 “Night Wolf” from the Scorpion collection
  • AWM “Gear” from the Furious collection
  • AKR “Necromancer” from the Rival collection
  • UMP “Beast” from the Rival collection
  • FN FAL “Phoenix Risen” from the Revival collection
  • USP “Geometric” from Revival collection
  • AKR “Treasure Hunter” from the Origin collection
  • AKR “Dragon” from Scorpion collection
  • M4 “Samurai” from the Fable collection
  • FAMAS “Fury” from the Furious collection


What weapon skins from Standoff 2 do you like? Write your options in the comments! Share this guide with your friends and be sure to read more about Standoff 2 on our website using the search bar. The first guide you definitely need to get acquainted with the tips on using the Tec-9 weapon, which is considered one of the cheapest in the game.

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Best Weapon Skins in Standoff 2


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