Sunlit Mountainside All Oceanid Creatures Location | Genshin Impact Endora’s Education


Genshin Impact Wishful Drops event is currently underway. We two major parts for this new event. One is called the Endora’s Education where Genshin Impact players have to Explore the given area and capture Oceanid creatures to increase Area Exploration Progress, which when becomes 100% – players can claim rewards from the event page. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will show the location for all Oceanid creatures found in Area I – Sunlit Mountainside.

Open the events page and click on the navigation icon for Area I: Sunlit Mountainside. It’s the same location where you first find Endora in Life Flows On quest.

Travel to Dawn Winery Teleport Waypoint.

Once you reach there make sure you have equipped Endora. If you don’t know to do that then follow these simple steps.

  • Open Inventory.
  • Go to the Gadgets tab.
  • There you will find a gadget called Inquisitive Endora.
  • Click on the item –> Equip, found in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Mobile players can tap on the Gadget icon found on the bottom right portion of the game screen – above the Elemental burst ability icon to use Endora. Meanwhile, PC players can press the Z key.

Sunlit Mountainside All Oceanid Creatures Location

Follow the straight path from the Dawn Winery teleport waypoint and you will find your first set of Oceanid Creatures. An Oceanid Crane and a few Ducks or Swan, whatever they are.

Use your Elemental Skill while using the Endora gadget to capture those Oceanid creatures.

Once you are done, follow the same straight path and will encounter another set of Oceanid creatures. This time around, you will find Oceanid Boars and Swans.

Again, once you capture all the creature move straight towards the third and final location. There you will find two Oceanid Squirrels and a couple of Oceanid Swans.

Hold the elemental skill button to make an Arc – to aim the Endora bubble at the swans. Once you capture all the Oceanid creatures around this area. You will get a 100% Area Exploration Progress.

In the end go to the marked location and talk to Endora to complete the exploration and receive the rewards.

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Sunlit Mountainside All Oceanid Creatures Location | Genshin Impact Endora’s Education


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