Life Flows On Event Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops event is currently underway. And just like any other event, this one also comes with an introductory quest called Life Flows On. The Wishful Drops event quest introduces players to every key element of the event. With this Genshin Impact quest guide, we will walk you through every part of Life Flows On quest.

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Life Flows On Complete Quest Guide / Walkthrough

Here is the complete quest guide/walkthrough for Genshin Impact’s new event introductory quest Life Flows On.

1.) Go to the Mondstadt Adventurers Guild and talk to Katheryne.

2.) Go to Dawn Winery and speak to Connor

3.) Follow the Riverbank to the marked location. Once you reach there defeat the Hydro Slimes.

Once you defeat the Hydro Slimes, the mini Oceanid Endora will pop-up(from one of the slimes). Talk to Endora and she will ask you to take her to a fresh spring, which you will find in Springvale.

4.) Travel to Springvale and Talk to Endora

Once you reach the Springvale, near the spring you will have a conversation with an NPC regarding the spring fairy and other things. Once you are past that, you have to talk to Endora.

5.) Finish the Conversation with Endora to complete the quest

Endora will talk about the Oceanid creatures and Rhodeia. She will tell you that she can help with the current contaminated(bitter) water issue.

We won’t give any more spoilers. Finish the conversation with Endora and you will get introduced to one of the main part of the Wishful Drops event, Endora’s Education.

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