Pokémon Unite Talonflame Build Guide – Best Moves, Items, and More

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Build Guide

Talonflame in Pokémon Unite is a Speedster type of Pokémon with a Novice Difficulty to play. It starts the match as Fletchling then evolves into Fletchinder at level 5. Finally, it becomes Talonflame at level 7.

How to Get Talonflame in Pokémon Unite

To obtain Talonflame in Pokémon Unite you will be needed to buy a Unite License. It costs 6,000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems. Once you bought it you will be able to use this character. Also, Talonflame is available as one of the five Pokémon you can choose after completing the first tutorial.

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Talonflame Moves in Pokémon Unite

Talonflame in Pokémon Unite has two passive abilities:

  • Its Basic Attack boosts each of your third attacks. It deals an AOE damage. 
  • Gale Wings increases user’s Movement Speed at high HP.

At level 1 you need to choose one of two Moves, while the other one will be given to you at level 3. These options are:

  • Peck – 5s Cooldown – Flies in close and pecks an opponent 3 times
  • Acrobatics – 8s Cooldown – Hits multiple times in a small area and escapes in a given direction when you activate it again.

At level 5 you will be able to replace Peck with one of two abilities. Both of them will get the upgrade at level 11. These abilities are:

  • Flame Charge – 6,5s Cooldown – Dashes forward and increases user’s Movement Speed. With the upgrade, your Moves ignore the Defense of the enemy you hit.
  • Aerial Ace – 6s Cooldown – Flies directly to an enemy and deals damage to it, and makes your next basic attack boosted. The upgrade increases damage dealt by this Move.

At level 7 you may choose the one of two following Moves. It will be the replacement of Acrobatics. These abilities will be upgraded at level 13.

  • Fly – 11s Cooldown – Flies out of range and makes Talonflame untargetable, then dives into the ground and deals AOE damage. Displaces enemies in the area of attack when gets the upgrade. 
  • Brave Bird – 10s Cooldown – At the expense of Talonflame’s HP launches a dive bomb attack, boosts your basic attack, and resets your dash Move. The upgrade reduces its self-damage.

At level 9 Talonflame gets its Unite Move. With Flame Sweep it dashes forward covered in flames, dealing a huge amount of damage and displacing opponents.

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Recommended Items

Talonflame in Pokémon Unite is a Speedster type of Pokémon. It is very mobile and specializes in dealing burst damage with basic attacks and abilities. As Held Items we recommend:

  • Scope Lens to boost your Crits
  • Attack Weight to increase your Attack
  • Float Stone to increase your Attack and Movement Speed

As Battle Item we recommend you X-Attack to make your Pokémon deadlier for a short period of time. Eject Button is another good option, as it gives you more mobility.

How to Play Talonflame in Pokémon Unite

Talonfalme in Pokémon Unite is one of the most mobile characters. We recommend you to pick Acrobatics at level 1 to have both opportunities to damage your enemies and escape. Its level 5 and level 7 choices are pretty good too. You can go with safe variation and pick Fly or choose risky playstyle with Brave Bird. Both Flame Charge and Aerial Ace are useful dash options. Talonflame is one of the best starter options in Pokémon Unite and you will have a lot of fun playing this character. Good luck in your further matches.

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Pokémon Unite Talonflame Build Guide – Best Moves, Items, and More


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