Pokémon Unite Machamp Build Guide

Machamp in Pokémon Unite is an All-Rounder type of Pokémon with an Intermediate Difficulty to play. It starts the match as Machop then evolves into Machoke at level 5. At level 9 it becomes Machamp. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Machamp in Pokemon.

How to Get Machamp in Pokémon Unite

To get Machamp in Pokémon Unite you will need to buy it in a shop. It costs 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. Once you bought it you will be able to pick Machamp.

Machamp Moves in Pokémon Unite

Machamp in Pokémon Unite has two passive abilities:

  • Its Basic Attack boosts each of your third attacks with additional damage. Also, it slows opponents.
  • Guts increase the user’s damage when it is affected by a debuff.

At level 1 you may choose one of two following abilities, while the other one will be given to you at level 3.

  • Karate Chop – 6s Cooldown – Strikes your opponents and deals damage.
  • Bulk Up – 9s Cooldown – Buffs the user with additional Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Also, boosts Machamp’s next basic attack and makes it immune to hindrances.

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At level 5 you need to choose a replacement for Karate Chop. This ability will be upgraded at level 11.

  • Close Combat – 6s Cooldown – Deals several blows in a designated direction and makes the user immune to hindrances. The upgrade increases this Move’s damage to opponents affected by status conditions.
  • Cross Chop – 6s Cooldown – Dashes forward and deals damage with a higher Critical Hit chance. The upgrade allows your basic attacks to increase the damage of this Move.

At level 7 you can choose one of two following Moves that will be the replacement of Bulk Up. This ability will be upgraded at level 13.

  • Dynamic Punch – 8s Cooldown – Jumps forward, damages, and stuns opponents. After landing increases the user’s Movement Speed, Attack Speed, boosts its next basic attack, and grants immunity to hindrances. The upgrade increases Movement and Attack Speed provided by this Move.
  • Submission – 11s Cooldown – Rushes forward with increased Movement Speed and slams opponents. With the upgrade, it increases the user’s Attack Speed and Critical Hit Rate after the rush.

At level 9 Machamp gets its Unite Move. Barrage Blow boosts the user’s Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Defense. After the second activation launches a combo of blows that deal a lot of damage and throws opponents.

Recommended Items

Machamp in Pokémon Unite is an All-Rounder type of Pokémon. It is a very tough character that deals good damage. As Held Items we recommend:

  • Muscle Band to increase your basic attack damage.
  • Scope Lens to make your Crits deadlier.
  • Float Stone to boost your damage and mobility.

As Battle Item we recommend you Eject Button as it is always a good escape option. Also, X-Attack may be interesting to players that want to have more damage.

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How to Play Machamp in Pokémon Unite

Machamp in Pokémon Unite is an All-Rounder. This character is a tough front-liner that charges straight to the enemy and punches its face. We recommend you to choose Bulk Up at level 1, as it gives you mobility. Then pick Cross Chop and Submission to become a real killing machine. If you have someone who can apply status conditions on your opponents then you can try Close Combat. Good luck in your further matches.

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