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Marvel Snap: Card Pools Explained

Marvel Snap: Card Pools Explained

Marvel Snap Card Pools are the mechanic that governs a player’s power level, card collection, matchmaking, game progression, and much more. But since the game fails to explain in detail about Card Pools, how many pools are there? How to enter a Card Pool and so on, we are here with a handy guide that explains Marvel Snap Card Pools. 

Marvel Snap: Card Pools Explained

In Marvel Snap, the Card Pools serve as the leading progression goal players can achieve by reaching a certain Collection Level. The Card Pool gives you access to new Cards exclusive to that particular Pool. Its existence makes the multiplayer game fair, as you get matched with players who are in the same Card Pool, and it also governs how powerful you and your Card Collection are in Marvel Snap. 

That being said, when writing this guide, we have three Card Pools available in Marvel Snap, Pool 1 being the starting Card Pool and Pool 3 being the last Card Pool that garners some of the most potent Cards available in Marvel Snap. 

You can reach a Card Pool by upgrading your existing starter Cards and increasing your Collection Level. Once you reach Collection Level 18, you will enter Pool 1, getting access to 46 new Cards. You will remain in Pool 1 till Collection Level 214; after that, you will enter Pool 2 when you reach Collection Level 222. 

Here is a table that lists all existing Marvel Snap Card Pools, how you can reach them and how many cards they offer:

Card PoolHow To ReachTotal Cards It Offers
Pool 1Collection Level 18-21446 Cards
Pool 2Collection Level 222-47425 Cards
Pool 3Collection Level 486+74 Cards

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card battler available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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Marvel Snap: Card Pools Explained


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