How Many Cards Will Be Available at Launch for Marvel Snap


If you are tired of standard CCG games, then the news about the imminent release of the Marvel Snap game should please you very much. The game from Second Dinner will not follow the classic rules of collectible card games but go your own way, creating something that has never been.

But still, there is something in the game that makes it a collectible card game. You have to collect cards to use them in the future during the battle, and today we will talk about how many cards will be in the game after the release.

How Many Cards Will Be Available at Launch for Marvel Snap

It’s worth starting with the fact that Marvel Snap is implemented in the style of Marvel, which means that developers have an infinity of possibilities for creating new cards. And if you remember that Second Dinner has been collaborating with Nuverse for several years, we can confidently say that the developers have access to the entire Marvel universe.

According to the developers themselves, from the start, more than 150 unique cards will be added to the game, and their number will constantly increase. For CCG, this is not very much, but given that the CEO of Second Dinner is former Hearthstone CEO Ben Broad, it’s safe to say that every card will be perfect.

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In addition, there will be only 12 cards in the Marvel Snap game deck, which means that even from 150 cards you can create an incredible variety of decks and strategies.

The developers also stated that each card will have several variations, but it’s still not entirely clear what they meant. Perhaps each card will have a standard and gold version, just like Hearthstone did, or each card will have several copies of different rarity and various levels of power.

However, since the game is in beta testing, these are just conjectures. The CEO of Second Dinner and all the developers are incredible fans of the board games, CCG, and superheroes, therefore expect anything from these guys.

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How Many Cards Will Be Available at Launch for Marvel Snap


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