Will the Cards in Marvel Snap Be Free


Marvel Entertainment has just announced a new mobile and PC collectible card game called Marvel SNAP! Developed by Second Dinner, a new studio founded by veteran designers who have worked on popular CCGs, Marvel SNAP aims to bring mobile card games to a whole new level. Of course, one of the first things people wonder about when it comes to these games is the monetization system. Today, we’ll be answering the question: will the cards in Marvel SNAP be free?

Will the Cards in Marvel SNAP be Free?

Nuverse and Second Dinner have released a preview video of Marvel SNAP. The seven-minute video goes over the basics of the game, the general flow of the lightning fast matches, how many and what kind of character cards are in the game, and so forth. You can view the video below.

One thing that the developers sort of address is how Marvel Snap‘s monetization will be like. First and foremost, the game is free-to-play, so anyone can download it and jump in. About half-way through the video, they show off “card variants,” which are essentially cosmetic skins for your cards that don’t affect card power. We’re thinking that these are probably going to be acquired with premium currency, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Later on in the video, another developer stresses the importance of the game not feeling like you’re “paying for power.” She then confirms that you can indeed get every single card in the game for free over time, but doesn’t elaborate on how long it will take. To those familiar with mobile CCGs, you’re probably thinking that there is a way to pay for cards, with an option to just grind it out and earn them for free. You’re probably right, but again, nothing is confirmed so far.

Card variants in Marvel SNAP.

Lastly, we have confirmation that there will be seasons in the game, and this usually means there will most likely be battle passes of some sort. Battle passes in mobile games typically have free and paid variants, so this may be another premium way of earning cards faster and easier.

So far, that’s all we know about the monetization systems in Marvel SNAP. We’ll get more info as we get closer to the game’s launch, so stay tuned for updates. Until then, what do you think about Marvel SNAP so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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Will the Cards in Marvel Snap Be Free


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