Kleken is a five-star Water attribute Aurorian in Alchemy Stars whose Converter skill, Switcheroo, makes him one of the best five-star units in the game. His colossus skills, Backpacker, and Firefly helps players to get an increased carrier production and an increased recovery rate of Fireflies. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Kleken.

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Kleken’s Attribute, Rarity, Stats and Basic Details

The first thing you should know about Kleken is his stats, attribute, rarity, and brief background detail.

  • HP – 4842
  • Defense – 566
  • Attack – 1631
  • Profession – Converter
  • Attribute – Water
  • Rarity – Five Star
  • Voice Actor – Yuma Uchida

Kleken’s official in-game description for reads – A polite, relaxed gentleman and a habitual liar, he also happens to be an infamous scam artist in Umbraton. If you ever hear the truth from him, it’s probably the end of the world.

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Kleken‘s Active, Chain Combo, Equipment and Work Skills

Here are Kleken’s active, chain, equipment, and work skills –

Active Skill: Switcheroo – Converts 4 nearest Green tiles to Blue. [Range: NearestGrid]

Chain Combo Skill: False Tentacles

  • 2 Tiles Combo – Deals 255% damage to 8 tiles in a cross shape.
  • 9 Tiles Combo – Deals 160% damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape.
  • 13 Tiles Combo – Deals 165% damage to enemies in a radial shape to the maximum range.

Equipment Skill: Shivering Tentacles

After using a Chain Combo, touches 4 adjacent enemies in a cross shape and inflicts Fright for 1 round if the enemy’s HP is below 25%.

Work Skills

  • Backpacker – When deployed to the Resource Station, increases the Carrier’s production efficiency by 10%.
  • Firefly Keeper – When deployed to the Lumina Grid, increases the recovery rate of Fireflies +5% per hour.

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Klekens Ascension Materials

There is a total of three ascension phases for Kleken for which players require certain materials. Ascending Kleken or any other characters helps players to unlock new skills or enhance existing ones.

First Ascension Requirements and Outcome

To go through Kleken’s first ascension, you must be at level 30.

  • Water Flare Silt X 20
  • Water Crystal Dust X 30
  • Destiny Champagne I X 10
  • Nightium X 25,000

Second Ascension Requirements and Outcome

To go through Kleken’s second ascension, you must be at level 40.

  • Water Crystal X 20
  • Water Potion I X 30
  • Destiny Champagne III X 10
  • Nightium X 40,000

Third Ascension Requirements and Outcome

To go through Kleken’s third ascension, you must be at level 50.

  • Water Potion III X 20
  • Water Flare Rock X 30
  • Destiny Champagne IV X 10
  • Nightium X 1,50,000

Kleken’s Breakthrough Materials

Similar to other characters, Kleken uses Heartstones and his Solamber for a breakthrough.

Breakthrough PhaseMaterials RequiredEffects
1Heartstone X 200HP increased by 250.
2Heartstone X 300Active Skill Enhancement: If the skill was ready in the last round, increases the tile-converting count by 1 in this round.
3Heartstone X 350
Kleken’s Solamber X 1
Increased by 250+5% Basic max HP.
4Heartstone X 400
Kleken’s Solamber X 1
Increased by 30+5% Basic DEF.
5Heartstone X 500
Kleken’s Solamber X 1
Active Skill Enhancement: Increases tile-converting count by 1.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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