Being a gacha-based roleplaying game, Alchemy Stars offers a wide selection of characters for players to choose from. The unique character design, attributes, skills, etc fit perfectly with the anime-style breathtaking art, making each character more appealing and thanks to the backstory attached to each character. You will be in a perpetual state on which character to get and which not.

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Alchemy Stars Attributes

In Alchemy Stars, the Aurorians posses any of the four attributes. These are –

  • Fire
  • Forest
  • Water
  • Thunder

Each attribute is possessed by more than ten to fifteen plus characters. Making the overall playable characters list quite overwhelming. In the CBT alone, we had more than eighty plus characters. [Including all rarity].

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Keeping all that in mind, players who didn’t take part in Alchemy Stars CBT might find it hard to find some of the best water attribute characters. But, you don’t have to worry, we have got you covered.

The Best Water Attribute Aurorians in Alchemy Stars

With the help of the information from CBT users. Here are the eight best water attribute Aurorians in Alchemy Stars that you must look forward to when rerolling or just performing normal gacha pulls.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2294
  • HP – 6056
  • Defense – 736
  • Active Skill – Tile Converter + BuffConverts any 5 selected grids to Blue. (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Whenever a Chain Combo deals damage, Bethlehem gains a Shield equivalent to 10% Max HP for 1 round. If the Shield remains after the enemy’s turn, Water Aurorians’ ATK is increased by 5% in the next round.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2449
  • HP – 6620
  • Defense – 875  
  • Active Skill –  Tile ConverterTeleports to a selected location. Deals 400% damage to 1 column and knocks enemies back. Converts tiles in the area of attack to Blue. (CD: 4 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Normal attacks deal 100% damage to the enemy 1 grid behind the target. Piercing Normal Attack damage is increased by 20% against an enemy afflicted with a debuff.

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  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2284
  • HP – 6958
  • Defense – 884  
  • Active Skill – Tile ConverterRecovers HP equal to 240% of Raphael’s ATK. Resets all non-Blue grids on the entire screen. Slightly increases the chances for Blue grids. (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Each Blue grid generated on the map recovers the team’s HP by 2% of Raphael’s HP. The lower the team’s HP, the higher the healing effectiveness, up to an additional 100% bonus.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2786
  • HP – 7092
  • Defense – 931  
  • Active Skill – Teleport + Damage Teleports to a selected location. Deals 320.0% damage to 2 surrounding circles and applies 2 stacks of Dragontooth Marks (applies the maximum stacks of Dragontooth Marks to enemies within the area upon killing an enemy). (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Normal attacks apply 1 stack of Dragontooth Mark, up to 6 stacks. Each stack increases Sharona’s Active Skill damage and final Chain Combo damage by 5%


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2299
  • HP – 7242
  • Defense – 923  
  • Active Skill –  Teleport + HealTeleports to any location and regenerates the team’s HP equal to 320% of Philyshy’s ATK. Grants Philyshy a Shield equal to 10% of her Max HP and increases Healing Factor by 70% for every enemy within 3 surrounding clusters of the target location. (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – At the start of each round, the team recovers HP equal to 40% of Philyshy’s ATK and 4% of the HP lost by the team. For every 5%, HP lost by the team, Philyshy’s ATK increases by 1%.

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  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2301
  • HP – 6725
  • Defense – 848
  • Active Skill – 2x Chain ComboWhen used, a Water Aurorian’s Chain Combo will be triggered 2 times in this round. For the second Chain Combo, the ATK of all Water Aurorians is equal to 85% of Hydrad’s ATK. (CD: 4 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Grants 1 Wolf Mark at the start of every round. When attacked, consumes 1 Mark to deal 100% of Hydrad’s ATK as true damage back to the target. Wolf Marks are not cleared at the end of the round.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2409
  • HP – 6137
  • Defense – 760  
  • Active Skill – Tile Converter Deals 480.0% damage to enemies in a cross shape to the maximum range and knocks enemies back. Converts tiles in the area of attack to Blue. (CD: 5 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Normal attacks can now fire diagonally to deal 80% ATK damage and inflict 1 Firepower Mark that lasts 2 rounds. Barton’s attack deals an additional 10% damage to enemies with the mark.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2266
  • HP – 723  
  • Defense – 5801
  • Active Skill – Tile Converter + FearConverts 5 nearest Green grids to Blue and has a chance to generate enhanced grids. If the Active Skill is ready in the last round, increase the grid-converting count by 1 in this round. Preemptive: (CD: 2 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – After using a Chain Combo, inflicts Fright on 1 enemy with the lowest HP (below 80% HP) within 4 grids of it in a cross shape for 1 round. Killing a Frightened enemy has a 50% chance to inflict Fright on enemies within 4 grids of it in a cross shape.

That’s all. There are characters who have gone through changes when compared to CBT and final launch. We will be updating this list over the time, when we have spent more time on the final version of the game. Till then, share your best water attribute units in the comments below.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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