Rerolling is not something new in gacha games like Alchemy Stars. In the first few hours of the game, players get free premium currency to perform gacha rolls. If they don’t obtain a good playable character, they can perform reroll. In this Alchemy Stars reroll guide, we will tell you different ways to perform a successful reroll.

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How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars

There are three different ways to perform a reroll in Alchemy Stars. Two of them are preferred for Mobile users, while one is for players who prefer playing the game on PC via emulators like BlueStacks, LD Player, etc. But, keep in mind, you can use all three methods that we mention below to perform reroll in Alchemy Stars.

Reroll Method 1. Have multiple accounts

Players can use multiple game ids to reroll in Alchemy Stars. Follow the below steps and you can set up a reroll account in no time.

  • Create an Alchemy Stars id.
  • Open Alchemy Stars.
  • Logout from your current account.
    • This can be done in two ways.
      • On start screen, in the top-left corner you will find logout button.
      • While in-game, go to settings, then sign out.
  • Log in with the new id.

That’s it, you have your re-roll account for Alchemy Stars ready. Now reroll characters using the beginner or standard banners.

Reroll Method 2. Delete Player Data

You delete the account data by deleting the “.system_android_12” file found in android/data/com.tencent.baiyeint/ (location might vary with emulators/android). This method was working during the closed beta testing. However, there are recent reports that deleting player data is not working.

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So, an alternate way is that install a fresh copy of the game.

Reroll Method 3. Use Salted Emails

Now here comes our favourite reroll method for most gacha games. Using salted emails.

What are salted emails?

Salted emails are different combinations of the email obtained by altering it most minimally by adding strings in the prefix part, before

Salted Email examples – [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.

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Now lets us check the re-roll process for Alchemy Stars using salted emails.

  • Open Alchemy Stars.
  • In the login page, click on register now.
  • Enter salted email.
  • Tap on verification code button.
  • Open your email.
  • Check spam and other folders for Alchemy Stars verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in the given field.
  • Enter password.
  • Register.

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Now, you can reroll characters in Alchemy Stars. Also, before ending this article, a quick note for Alchemy Stars players. You have to play till story 1-4 for a short reroll [less premium currency obtained => fewer gacha rolls ]. And, for a long reroll, play till story 1-16.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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