Vice is a five-star Aurorian in Alchemy Stars who is affiliated with the Illumina Federation. She is a sniper and her skills allows her to deal massive damage to the Caelestites, especially when players perform a chain combo. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Vice.

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Vice Attribute, Rarity, Stats and Basic Details

The first thing you should know about Vice is her stats, attribute, rarity and a brief background detail.

  • HP – 6232
  • Defence – 773  
  • Attack – 2369
  • Profession – Sniper
  • Attribute – Water
  • Rarity – Five Star

The official in-game description of Vice is as follows – She is a member of the Illumina Federation with a gentle personality. Not only is she highly talented, hardworking, and enthusiastic, she has also received intensive training since a young age thanks to the recognition from high officials. She’s now appointed as the expedition captain who’s responsible for the search and excavation of ancient ruins.

Vice Active, Chain Combo, Equipment and Work Skills

Here are Vice’s active, chain, and equipment skills –

Active Skill: Rapid Torrent(3 Rounds CD)

Deals 95% damage 6 times to random enemies on the field. Launches 1 additional attack for each Water tile in the 12 adjacent tiles around the unit.

Chain Combo Skill: Homing Arrows

  • 4 Tiles Combo – Deals 140% damage to the 2 nearest enemies.
  • 8 Tiles Combo – Deals 140% damage to the 3 nearest enemies.
  • 12 Tiles Combo – Deals 140% damage to the 4 nearest enemies.

Equipment Skill: Target Lock

Vice gains 1 stack of Locking Mark whenever she deals damage. Each stack increases damage by 2% and Chain Combo damage by 4%. All stacks are cleared at the end of the round.

Work Skills

There are two works skills of Vice that is related to the base – Colossus.

  • Space Design – When deployed to the Bridge, furniture increases Mood by an extra 2%.
  • Backpacker – When deployed to the Resource Station, increases the Carrier’s production efficiency by 10%.

Vice Ascension Materials

There is a total of three ascension phases for Vice for which players require certain materials. Ascending Vice or any other characters helps players to unlock new skills or enhance existing ones.

First Ascension Requirements and Outcome

  • Level 30
  • Water Crystal Shard X 20
  • Water Essence X 30
  • Battle Archive I X 10
  • Nightium X 25,000

When players ascend Vice for the first time, they unlock the Equipment Skill.

Second Ascension Requirements and Outcome

  • Level 40
  • Water Potion II X 20
  • Water Flare Silt X 30
  • Battle Archive II X 10
  • Nightium X 40,000

When players ascend Vice for the second time, they enhance the current active skill.

Third Ascension Requirements and Outcome

  • Level 50
  • Water Flare Tile X 20
  • Water Crystal X 30
  • Battle Archive III X 10
  • Nightium X 1,50,000

When players ascend Vice for the third and final time, they unlock the Alternative Art whilst enhancing Equipment Skill.

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Vice Breakthrough Materials and Effects

Breakthrough PhaseMaterials RequiredEffects
1Heartstone X 200
Vice’s Solamber X 1
HP Increased by 250.
2Heartstone X 300 Vice’s Solamber X 1Changes Active Skill to Preemptive Strike. Available upon entering combat.
3Heartstone X 350
Vice’s Solamber X 1
Increased by 250+5% Basic Max HP.
4Heartstone X 400
Vice’s Solamber X 1
Increased by 30+5% Basic DEF.
5Heartstone X 500
Vice’s Solamber X 1
Active Skill Enhancement

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Vice in Alchemy Stars: Everything You Need to Know


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