Being a gacha-based anime-style roleplaying game, Alchemy Stars offers an intricate storyline that is further influenced by many of the game’s characters that belong to different races, factions, and other such groups. In Alchemy Stars, not many fresh players know about the different races currently there in the game.

In this article, we will talk about one such race, Aurorian whilst delving deeper into the game’s lore.

Who are Aurorians in Alchemy Stars

Aurorian is a race that lived in Astra since the beginning of time along with the other race called Caelestite. Both Aurorian and Caelestite were peaceful races. However, seventeen years before the events of the game. The Caelestite race was almost annihilated by another race called Eclipsites.

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So who are Eclipsites?. How are related to the Aurorians?. We already have a separate article that talks about the Eclipsite race and their lore. Still, here is a short answer to the above question. The Eclipsites are the antagonist race in Alchemy Stars who are also considered as enemies of all living creatures on Astra.

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The main protagonist of Alchemy Stars is the last living survivor of the Caelestite race. And, after several years of seeing no light, our hero is saved by the Aurorians. Now, here’s the answer to the second question. Eclipsites are enemies to Aurorians too. In fact, Aurorians are the ones who have been holding the Eclipsites from taking over Astra.

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Keeping all that in mind, here’s a more simpler and direct answer for the question – who are Aurorians?.

Almost every person you meet in Alchemy Stars belongs to the Aurorian race. The playable characters that you roll for are also Aurorians. Overall Aurorians and our protagonist – the surviving Caelestite, are key individuals who shape the game’s overall story.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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