Colossus, the main base for players in Alchemy Stars, hosts a variety of buildings and areas with different use and functionality. Among the many areas, we have the Bridge, which is considered one of the most important areas inside the Colossus. And, our today’s topic is related to the Bridge.

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Central Plugin is a Bridge upgrade material in Alchemy Stars that players must have to upgrade their bridge to a higher level, increasing the maximum colossus mood. Having high mood points is good for you and your Aurorians.

In the wake of that, today, we have prepared a handy guide on how to get Central Plugins in Alchemy Stars.

How to Get Central Plugins in Alchemy Stars

To get Central Plugins in Alchemy Stars, players have to progress through the game’s main story. As you know, completing different stages in Alchemy Stars rewards players with a variety of rewards. Similar to that, when players complete certain story stages, they get Central Plugins as rewards.

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Here are the stages in Alchemy Stars that you must complete to get Central Plugins.

  • Stage 2-12
  • Stage 4-7
  • Stage 6-14
  • Stage 8-14

Why are Central Plugins Used in Alchemy Stars

As we mentioned earlier, Central Plugin is a bridge upgrade material that players can use to upgrade their bridge area. Inside the Colossus. The bridge can be upgraded to a max of five levels. And, each upgrade will help you in increasing the maximum colossus mood. So, make sure to clear the above story stages to get Central Plugins and upgrade your bridge.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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