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The Chain gun in Terraria is a Hardmod firearm that can only be obtained after killing the Plantera boss. It is currently the fastest firearm in the game and is even better than a Megashark. It has a 50% chance of not using the ammo when shooting. In this guide, we will tell you everything every player should know about this gun.

Chain Gun Sats

  • It uses bullets.
  • Damage – 31.
  • Knockback – 1.75 (small).
  • Rarity – Yellow (8).
  • Selling price – 9 gold.
  • ID code – 1929

Features of the Gun

Despite its rate of fire, the Chain gun has a number of features that you must be aware of before using it. They are the following:

  • It shoots 15 bullets per second, which is 900 times per minute.
  • Its shots are very widespread. This leads to the fact that only 50-70% of the bullets reach the target.
  • On weak PCs or mobile phones, shots can reduce the frame rate.

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How to Get the Chain Gun in Terraria

In Terraria, the Chain gun is dropped by the Santa-NK1 boss during the Frost Moon event. The drop rate depends on the game mode:

  • Classic – from 5.55% to 12.5%.
  • Expert and Master – from 12,5% to 50%.

It is currently impossible to craft the Chain Gun in the game.

Tips on How to Use a Chain Gun

It is recommended to use the following tips:

  • Use Chlorophyte bullets. The spread of the Chain Gun will be reduced to 0.
  • Use Crystal Bullets to deal more damage to slow or stationary enemies and bosses like Golem.
  • Use this gun during PVPs.

When modifying, it is best to choose the Fast or Furious mods. In this case, the speed of the shots will increase even more. It is also worth considering the Divine modification, which will save ammunition.

This is the end of our Chain Gun guide in Terraria. While you are here, read our guide on finding a wyvern in Terraria.

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