What Are Gemcorns in Terraria

Along with pylons and a new secret event, the final Terraria update introduced a new reproducible way to farm gems and earn gold. Yes, we are talking about new trees! In this guide, we will tell you about Gemcorns in Terraria.

What Are Gemcorns in Terraria?

While exploring the underground, you will sometimes stumble upon wonderful crystal trees. Chopping them down will give you a couple of gems of a certain type and a Gemcorn. It is this item that will make you rich!

You can also craft Gemcorns. For this, you need a sufficient number of stones of the same type and an ordinary acorn that drops when cutting trees. Once you’ve got the right amount of Gemcorn, go underground.

How to Build a Gemcorn Farm

You will need to equip a room with special conditions. The height of the room should be at least 20 blocks. In addition, you need to change the earthen blocks on the floor and put stone ones. Now it’s time to plant your Gemcorns in Terraria: place them on a stone at a distance of 3-4 blocks.

When you have planted all the trees, go and do other business. But before living, it is recommended to remove all light sources from the room. In the dark, crystal trees grow faster. Now you just have to wait. It will take a few minutes of real time.

When chopping trees, you will sometimes receive more stones than was originally spent on the acorn. Therefore, you will soon be able to expand the farm and receive even more rewards. This simple way of creating gemstones can be useful for many purposes, and it’s up to you how to take advantage of this new knowledge.

This is everything you need to know about Gemkorns in Terraria. While you are here, take a look at our guide on how to find a Demolitionist in this game.

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