Terraria Pylon Guide: How to Obtain and Use Pylons

terraria guide on how to get and use pylons

The player in Terraria has many tools to create his own town. An example is special buildings called “Teleport pylons.” But how to make a pylon network in Terraria correctly and what is needed for this? In this guide, we’ll show you how the new mechanic works in patch 1.4.

How Pylons Work in Terraria

Update 1.4, which received the loud name “Journey’s End”, added completely new mechanics for the development of the player’s own settlement. One of them is pylons. Each pylon is a portal with which you can quickly travel from one biome to another

This is an extension for the city to build a portal system. With their help, you can unite cities throughout the game world. Thus, it is now possible to build in several biomes at once, creating small settlements everywhere.

This guide focuses on the correct building of the pylons in Terraria for comfortable and efficient play at different points on the map.

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How to Get Pylons in Terraria 1.4

This system has a number of limitations:

  • Pylons can only be used if there are at least two NPCs nearby.
  • A pylon can be used when there is at least one other pylon in the game world to form a portal network.
  • Each biome can only have one pylon.
  • The portal network cannot be used during boss fights or invasions, both ongoing and just announced.
  • Pylons can be bought and sold from NPC merchants only if an NPC has a sufficient level of happiness.

Types of Pylons in Terraria

There are the following types of pylons in Terraria:

  • Cavern Pylon.
  • Forest Pylon.
  • Snow Pylon.
  • Jungle Pylon.
  • Desert Pylon.
  • Ocean Pylon.
  • Hallow Pylon.
  • Mushroom Pylon.
  • Universal Pylon.

Please note that to sell the pylon, you need to achieve a high enough level of happiness for your NPC. You can read how to do this in one of our guides.

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Terraria Pylon Guide: How to Obtain and Use Pylons


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