Fairies in Terraria 1.4 | Why Needed and How to Catch

terraria fairies guide

Fairies in Terraria are mysterious, peaceful creatures that were added in the last big update to the game. In this guide, we will tell you who they are and what benefits they can bring to the player.

Why Fairies Are Needed and How to Catch Them in Terraria

There are three types of fairies, which differ in color. These types are the following:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

The difference in their appears does change their function. The main purpose of a Fairy in Terraria is to lead the player to a useful item or object like a chest, a Life Crystal, a Strange Plant, or an ore vein. There is a popular myth that the color determines the chances of what kind of values ​​the creature will lead the hero to. But the fact is that it is not correct.

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As soon as the Fairy notices the player, she flies up to him and starts spinning. After that, the creature will lead him to the treasure and will wait if the hero suddenly falls behind. Upon reaching the goal, the Fairy will disappear. You can also catch the Fairy with the Bug Net, take it with you and release it in the place where you want to find the treasure. Also, this creature can be combined with an empty bottle, creating something similar to decoration.

If you want Fairies to constantly appear in your world, never touch Fallen Logs in forest biomes, as they are the resurrection point for these creatures.

This is all you should know about Fairies in Terraria, how to catch them and why they are needed. These cute creatures are not a danger to a player and will help you to survive in this dangerous world. While you are here, make sure to read our guide on the best wings in this game.

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Fairies in Terraria 1.4 | Why Needed and How to Catch


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