The Demolitionist is one of the many NPCs in Terraria that sell useful items to the players. These items are necessary to explore the vast 2D world of Terraria, filled with different biomes, where danger looms at every corner.

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Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handful guide that talks about where to find the Demolitionist in Terraria and why they are needed.

Where to Find the Demolitionist in Terraria Mobile?

When it comes to finding the Demolitionist in Terraria Mobile or any other platform, you don’t actually have to find him. Now before you jump to a conclusion, listen to us out. There are certain arrangements that you have to make to spawn the Demolitionist in Terraria. Once that is done, the Demolitionist, himself will find you.

  • You must have an empty house.
    • An empty house is needed to spawn a variety of NPCs in Terraria.
  • You must have an explosive in the inventory.
    • You can also store the explosives in chests and other containers.
  • The Merchant is present.
    • The Merchant will appear if you have an empty house and 50 or more silver coins on yourself.

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you can spawn the Demolitionist in Terraria Mobile or any other platform.

Why is the Demolitionist Needed in Terraria Mobile?

The Demolitionist is needed for buying a variety of explosives and Any Pylon in Terraria. Here is the list of items that you can buy from the Demolitionist in Terraria.

1Grenade75 Copper CoinsAlways available.
2Bomb3 Silver CoinsAlways available.
3Dynamite20 Silver CoinsAlways available.
4Hellfire Arrow1 Silver CoinsIn Hardmode.
5Land Mine5 Gold CoinsAfter defeating Plantera and a Pirate Invasion.
 Before defeating Plantera, at night.
6Explosive Powder12 Silver CoinsIn Hardmode.
7Stynger Bolt10 Copper CoinsOnce Golem has been defeated. [Nintendo 3DS version]
8Roman candle5 Gold CoinsDuring Christmas.
9Dry Bomb25 Silver CoinsWhen the player has a Dry Bomb in their inventory.
10Wet Bomb25 Silver CoinsWhen the player has a Wet Bomb in their inventory.
11Lava Bomb25 Silver CoinsWhen the player has a Lava Bomb in their inventory.
12Honey Bomb25 Silver CoinsWhen the player has a Honey Bomb in their inventory.
13Any Pylon10 Gold CoinsWhen in a specific biome and is happy enough.

That’s all for now. While you are here, read our guide on every Grappling Hook in this game.

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