Home Game Guides Every Grappling Hook in Terraria and How to Get Them

Every Grappling Hook in Terraria and How to Get Them

Every Grappling Hook in Terraria and How to Get Them

Hooks are one of the mobility class tools in Terraria that players can use to traverse the verticality offered by the game. The hooks often referred to as grappling hooks, are one of the most important classes of tools that players must always have on them. It makes the exploration easy, and it allows players to reach some unreachable places. 

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In the wake of the importance of Hooks in Terraria, we have created a table with every Hook in Terraria and how to get them.

All Hooks in Terraria and How to Get Them

There are a variety of hooks in Terraria that players can get in Hardmode and Pre-Hardmode. Below you will find every hook that you can get in Terraria, along with information on how to get them.

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S.No.Hook NameHow to Get
1Grappling HookCan be bought from Goblin Tinkerer for 2 Gold Coins or Crafted using Chain X 3 + Hook
2Amethyst HookCrafted using 15 Amethyst
3Squirrel HookCan be bought from Zoologist NPC for 2 Gold Coins
4Topaz HookCrafted using 15 Topaz
5Sapphire HookCrafted using 15 Sapphire
6Emerald HookCrafted using 15 Emerald
7Ruby HookCrafted using 15 Ruby
8Amber HookCrafted using 15 Amber
9Diamond HookCrafted using 15 Diamond
10Web SlingerGet it from Web Covered Chests found in Spider Caves
11Skeletron HandDrop loot from Skeletron (12.24%)
12Slime HookDrop loot from King Slime (33.33%)
13Fish HookDrop loot from Angler (1.7%)
14Ivy WhipCrafted using Jungle Spores X 12 + Vines X 3 
15Bat HookGet it from Gold Bags (0.67%) during seasonal events
16Candy Cane HookGet it from Presents (0.63%) during Christmas seasonal events
17Dual HookDrop loot from Mimics (14.29%)
18Hook of DissonanceDrop loot from Queen Slime (33.33%)
19Thorn HookDrop loot from Plantera (10%)
20Illuminant HookDrop loot from Hallowed Mimic (25%)
21Worm HookDrop loot from Corrupt Mimic (20%)
22Tendon HookDrop loot from Crimson Mimic (20%)
23Anti-Gravity HookDrop loot from Martian Saucer (11.11%) | All enemies in the Martian Madness event
24Spooky HookDrop loot from Mourning Wood (2% – 20%)
25Christmas HookDrop loot from Everscream (5.19% – 7.78%)
26Lunar HookCrafted using Nebula Fragment X 6 + Solar Fragment X 6 + Stardust Fragment X 6 + Vortex Fragment X 6
27Static HookBought from Hardmode NPC Steampunker for 50 Gold Coins

That’s all you need to know about every Hook in Terraria and how to get them. While you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to farm mana crystals in this game.

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Every Grappling Hook in Terraria and How to Get Them


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