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The latest Terraria update introduced many interesting things, including Gemcorns and a new top-tier sword, the Zenith, which can be created by combining many other swords from various sources. Yes, you will need to work hard to get this weapon, but as a result, you will get the most powerful sword in the game.

Zenith creates boomerang swords that move in the direction of attack and shred everything in their path. The power of this melee weapon is enough to kill all the final bosses! In this guide, we will help you to obtain Zenith in Terraria.

How to Craft Zenith in Terraria

The sword has the most complex crafting tree, requiring many combining of other blades. You need the following parts:

  • Copper Shortsword. You can forge it from copper ingots.
  • Enchanted Sword. It can be found by destroying sword altars in caves
  • Bee Keeper. There is a chance to get it after killing the Queen Bee Boss.
  • Starfury. It can be found in chests on the Sky Islands.
  • Seedler. It is dropped from the Plantera hard mode boss.
  • Horseman’s Blade. The pumpkin king boss from the Halloween event can drop it.
  • Influx Waver. It can be dropped from monsters during the Martian invasion event.
  • Star Wrath. It is dropped from the Moon Lord boss.
  • Meowmere. Just as the previous weapon, it is dropped from the Moon Lord boss.
  • Blade of the Earth (Terrablade). It can be collected from the other two swords in the late game.

Once you collect all the necessary components, you just go and craft Zenith! Come to your smithy and create Zenith. Do not forget to take a screenshot after this!

What to do now with this most powerful weapon in the game? Of course, use it to conquer all the remaining content.

This is everything you should know about Zenith in Terraria and how to obtain it. While you are here, read our guide on how to get a Lava Charm in Terraria.

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