The Lava Charm is one of the many accessory items in Terraria that grants a temporary buff or resistance to the players. As for lava charm, it grants players immunity from lava for seven seconds. This makes it a very useful item, especially while exploring the Cavern Layer.

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In this article, we will talk about how you can get a lava charm in Terraria whilst talking about its uses.

How to Get Lava Charm in Terraria

The Lava Charm is found in chests in the Cavern layer of Terraria. There is also a five percent chance of getting a lava charm from Hellstone or Obisidian crates. So, if you want a lava charm, you must start fishing in lava to get those Hellstone or Obsidian crates.

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Since the lava charm cannot be crafted or bought, getting it from chests, Hellstone, or Obsidian crates is the only way to obtain it. Once you have got hold of a lava charm, you can sell it for six gold coins or use it to craft a variety of items that you can find below.

What is Lava Charm in Terraria Used For

Players can use the Lava Charm to craft some of the most important and rare items of Terraria. We are talking about Lava Waders and Molten Charm. Also, you must know that Lava Waders is the major material required to craft Terraspark Boots in Terraria. This makes the lava charm a very important item to have. So make sure to use the above-said methods to get the lava charm in Terraria.

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