mana flower in terraria

Terraria is a video game released for various gaming platforms. There are many different items in this game starting from simple ones that are easy to mine or make and finishing with complex ones. They are very difficult to get (like Terraspark Boots). In order to create them, you will need many other items. Mana flower in Terraria is one of them. In this guide, we will describe this item and tell you how to obtain it.

Terraria Mana Flower Description and Stats

The mana flower in Terraria is an accessory, thanks to which the player’s mana will be spent by 8% less, and this item also allows you to replenish the weapon’s mana without going into the equipment menu, that is, he will do it on his own.

Where to Find the Mana Flower

The Mana Flower in Terraria is pretty hard to find. However, it is possible to do this. Traveling around the game world, the player may stumble upon various chests, inside which there may be a mana flower, but the chance of this is low. Also, the mana flower can drop out after killing any mob in the game. The stronger the enemy, the more often he uses magic, the more chances for such an accessory to drop. But even after killing a very strong mob, the drop rate remains low.

Can You Craft a Mana Flower in Terraria?

Yes, it can be done. This will require several components and a workplace.

The workplace is the engineering station. Only in this place, you can make a mana flower. After that, two components should be obtained:

After that, we go to the crafting menu and combine these two items. The output will be one mana flower. If you want another one, then you must again get one Nature’s Gift and one mana potion, and then repeat the whole procedure. 

This is everything you should know about obtaining a mana flower in Terraria. While you are here, read our guide on every grappling hook in this game.

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