crystal ball terraria how to get and use

Crafting is a priority in many open-world and sandbox games. And Terraria is no exception. There is a huge selection and opportunities for crafting: zenith sword, Terraspark boots, different potions, and many other things.

All this is combined with an enjoyable RPG playthrough. A distinctive feature of the crafting of this game is attachment to certain places. The game has items that fit into the “Workplace” category. One of these items is a Crystal ball. In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain and use a Crystal ball in Terraria.

Why Is Crystal Ball Needed in Terraria?

Crystal Ball is a piece of furniture that is a workspace for crafting some items. Also, when placed on a surface and activated, it will give the player one of the following beneficial effects lasting 10 minutes:

  • +20 maximum mana.
  • + 5% magic damage;
  • + 2% critical strike with magic.
  • -2% Mana Cost.

The buff is quite useful at all stages of the game for mages, so you shouldn’t postpone getting this item. 

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How to Get a Crystal Ball in Terraria

But how do you craft a crystal ball in Terraria? Well, it cannot be crafter. There is only one way to get this item – buy it from the wizard.

The cost of the item is 10 gold. It occupies 2 blocks in width and height and can be placed on any horizontal surface with a width of two blocks.

Wizzard is a friendly character that can be moved into a room. He sells useful items for magicians, such as Spell Tome, Harp, Ice Rod, and many others. Be can be found in dungeons and caves after you kill the Wall of Flesh. It has 250 units of health and 15 units of defense and attacks enemies by fireballs.

This is everything you need to know about a crystal ball in Terraria. Another thing that every mage needs in this game is a mana flower, so here is our guide.

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