Potions are consumable items in Minecraft that increase the chances of survival. Depending on the potions, players get health regeneration, buffs, and other kinds of stat boosts. They have limited time effect however they come in handy while surviving the neverending and ever-changing world of Minecraft.

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Components Required for Making Potions in Minecraft

Before we move into brewing potions, here are the items required to make potions.

  • Glass Bottle – To make glass bottles in Minecraft you need three glasses. And, to make glasses, you need sand and a furnace.
    • Add sand to the furnace to make glass.

Open crafting menu, and add three glasses in the 3 X 3 grid as shown above. Once the crafting process is complete, move three glass bottles to your inventory.

  • Nether Ingredients – Nether Wart, Blaze Rod
    • Nether Wart – used for creating base potion called Awkward Potion.
    • Blaze Rod – used for crafting Brewing Stand.
    • If you have the following items then you don’t have to go to Nether. If not, then follow this guide to visit the Nether. To grab the above two ingredients.
  • Brewing Stand – To make the brewing stand you need the following items.
    • CobbleStone X 15
    • Blaze Rod X 5

Once you have the aforementioned items, open crafting menu and place the Cobblestones at the bottom grid and the blaze rods in the middle of 3 X 3 grid.

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  • Blaze Powder
    • Open crafting table and place blaze rods in any grid to make blaze powder.
  • Secondary Ingredients – Collect these ingredients to add different effects to your potion.
    • Spider Eye – Drop loot from Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Witches.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Poison Potion.
    • Glistering Melon – Crafted using a Melon in the center of the 3 X 3 grid surrounded by eight gold nuggets.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Instant Health potion.
    • Ghast Tear – Drop loot from Ghast.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Health Regeneration potion.
    • Rabbit’s Foot – Drop loot from Rabbits.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Leaping potion.
    • Sugar – Crafted using single sugarcane.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Speed potion
    • Phantom Membrane – Drop loot from Phantoms.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Slow Falling potion.
    • Magma Cream – Drop loot from Magma Cubes. It can also be crafted using Blaze Powder and Slime balls.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Fire Resistance potion.
    • Pufferfish – Caught by fishing.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Water-Breathing potion.
    • Fermented Spider Eye – Crafted using Spider Eye, Mushroom, and Sugar.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Weakness potion.
    • Blaze Powder – Crafted using Blaze Rods.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Strength potion.
    • Golden Carrot – Same as Glistering Melons, Use one Carrot in the center of the 3 X 3 grid surrounded by eight gold nuggets.
      • Secondary Ingredient for Night-Vision potion.
  • Potion Modifiers
    • Redstone – Mine Redstone Ore.
      • Make potions last longer.
    • Glowstone Dust – Found by braking block of Glowstone.
      • Make potions more potent, but the duration is shortened.
    • Gunpowder – Drop loot from Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches.
      • Makes potions throwable.
    • Fermented Spider Eye
      • Reverses or Corrupts the effect of the potion.
  • Water Body – You need a water body to fill the glass bottles with water. Only then you can make potions.

Making Potion in Minecraft

Assuming you have all the items required to make potions. Here are the steps involved in making one.

Step 1.) Add glass bottles filled with water in the bottom slots of brewing stand.

Step 2.) Add Nether Wart to make Awkward Potions.

You need at least one Awkward potion in the bottom slot to make a unique potion.

Step 3.) Add secondary Ingredient to make a specific/unique potion.

Step 4.) [Optional] You can add modifiers in the potion to increase effects.

This is everything you need to know about creating potions in Minecraft. While you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to create a big map in Minecraft.

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How to Make Potions in Minecraft


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