How to get More Gifts in Pikmin Bloom


Pikmin Bloom’s little plant-like creatures go with you while you walk and help find resources and other Pikmin Seedlings. The different coloured fruits they pick up contain Nectar which can be fed to the Pikmin to grow Petals. Those colourful petals are planted as you walk, growing pretty paths of flowers that decorate your neighbourhood. The Pikmin can be levelled up to a maximum of 4 Friendship Hearts, where they are then prompted to go off on an Expedition to find a Gift. Find out more about these special gifts below.

Getting Gifts on Pikmin Bloom

A level 4 Friendship Heart Pikmin will show you that it wants to go off on an Expedition to collect a Gift. This Gift contains a Decor for that particular Pikmin. The Decor type is determined by where you first found the Pikmin Seedling that it grew from. You can also grow a Decor Pikmin from a Huge Seedling, but this Pikmin still needs levelling up to 4 Hearts if you want it to be as strong as other high Friendship level Pikmin.

huge seedling pikmin
Huge Seedling

The easiest and fastest way to get these Gifts, and obtain a Decor Pikmin, is by keeping your focus on one Squad of Pikmin at a time and levelling them up. Level up your Pikmin by:

collecting fruit pikmin bloom
Collect Fruits to Gain Nectar

Walking your Pikmin is when you can plant Flowers in your neighbourhood and help bloom Big Flowers. The Big Flowers offer extra Nectar which you can then feed to your Pikmin to also help level them up.

Nectar is obtained by finding Fruit while out on walks, and on Expeditions, or by completing Challenges. It can then be fed to your Pikmin, making them bloom Petals to grow Flowers.

Expeditions show up on the home screen of Pikmin Bloom. You can send multiple Pikmin to collect Fruits or Seedlings, and they take a small journey to find them and bring them back.

pikmin bloom expedition
Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

Challenges are Mushrooms of varying sizes which you can send your Pikmin to destroy. They take a while to achieve but it is worth it as your Pikmin then return with lots of Nectar and a certificate.

If you send your Pikmin on all of these Expeditions and Challenges, feed them Nectar and taken them on walks, they will level up pretty quickly. Good luck!

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How to get More Gifts in Pikmin Bloom


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