How to Bloom a Special Big Flower in Pikmin Bloom

blooming big special flowers

Pikmin Bloom encourages players to walk and explore their neighborhoods while growing plant-like creatures called Pikmin. Players can plant Petals as they walk, and these grow into flowery paths. At points of interest in a park, city, or town, there are huge flowers that everyone can help grow together by planting the Petals around them. Find out more about these special Big Flowers below.

How to Grow Special Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom

The Big Flowers can be found at landmarks and other points of interest. They can be bloomed by planting Petals and growing Flowers around them. They will bloom into a Daisy, Pansy, or Rose, and perhaps a giant Tulip when it is eventually added. It takes 300 flowers to bloom the Big Flower, and once it has bloomed, an Expedition appears on every player’s Pikmin Bloom app who contributed to the Big Flower. This Expedition is for a large Fruit which gives the player Nectar.

pikmin bloom expedition
Expeditions to pick up Fruit will appear when you help a Big Flower bloom
StageFlowers Planted
Sprout0 – 49
Bud50 – 149
Bud 2150 – 299

The type of flower planted around the sprouting Big Flower determines the type of bloom it produces. If the majority of the flowers planted are Daisies, then a Daisy will bloom with a bonus chance of it blooming a Pansy. If Pansies are planted around it, then a Pansy will bloom with a bonus chance of it blooming a Rose. If Roses are planted, then a Rose will bloom, and perhaps soon an update will add Tulips. At the moment, Tulips planted will bloom a Daisy.

pikmin bloom planting
Plant a flowery path to bloom Big Flowers

The color of the flowers planted will also determine the color of the Big Flower. This in turn will ensure the color of the Nectar it produces. All of these factors are determined by the majority of the type of flower and color of the flowers planted around it.

We will let you know as soon as we find out Tulips have been added as Big Flowers. In the meantime, good luck and happy walking!

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How to Bloom a Special Big Flower in Pikmin Bloom


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