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Pikmin Bloom Expeditions Guide Sheet: Tips and Cheats

Pikmin Bloom Expeditions Guide Sheet: Tips and Cheats

Pikmin Bloom gives you lots of things to do as you walk and grow your Pikmin. There are regular Seedlings and Huge Seedlings to collect, giant flowers to help bloom, colorful petals to drop and grow flowery paths, and fruits to pick up. You can also send your Pikmin to explore the area on quests called ‘Expeditions.’ Find out more about them below.

All About Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

When you reach level 6 in Pikmin Bloom, you unlock the ability to send your Pikmin on Expeditions. This is where a group of Pikmin wander off to pick up a Fruit, Seedling, or Gift. The type of Seedling or item they are sent for determines how many Pikmin are required to carry the object back to you. Some Pikmin are stronger, slower, or faster than others, so it is useful to know which Pikmin to send out. Use the table below to see what strength or speed your Pikmin is: 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.

Pikmin TypeSpeedStrength
Red PikminBlue PikminYellow PikminRed/Blue/Yellow Pikmin11
Purple Pikmin Purple Pikmin33
white pikmin bloomWhite Pikmin41
Rock PikminRock Pikmin25
Winged PikminWinged Pikmin51

As some Pikmin are strong but slow, or fast but weak, they all take different amounts of time to pick up items and journey back. It also means you can send fewer strong Pikmin like the Rock or Purple Pikmin to carry something back, but they may take a little longer to return.

Different items also require a different number of Pikmin, or strength of Pikmin, to carry them.

ItemGivesPikmin/Strength Required
1K Red/Yellow/Blue SeedlingRed/Yellow/Blue Pikmin1 – 2
3k Purple/White SeedlingPurple/White Pikmin3 – 6
5k Rock/WingedRock/Winged Pikmin5 – 10
10k Huge SeedlingDecor Pikmin10- 20
Giant FruitNectar6 – 12
GiftDecor Pikmin1

We hope the info helps you utilize your Pikmin more efficiently when sending them out on Expeditions!

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Pikmin Bloom Expeditions Guide Sheet: Tips and Cheats


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