Rock Pikmin Guide: How to Get Rock Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Tips and Cheats


Rock Pikmin are a special type of Pikmin seen in the mainline Pikmin games and Pikmin Bloom. True to their name, Rock Pikmin are basically walking rocks with arms and sprouts. Today, we’ll show you how to get Rock Pikmin in our Pikmin Bloom Rock Pikmin tips and cheats guide!

How to get Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are strong little guys, and they’re the very last type of Pikmin you unlock at level 23. To level up from level 22 to 23, you’ll need to walk a grand total of 161,000 steps and plant 2,000 flowers. At this point, your squad should be big enough to make the flower goal relatively easy to complete, but getting in the steps will take a while.

If you don’t have enough Petals, make sure that you’re constantly going out on Expeditions. You’ll naturally rack up a bunch of Nectar by collecting all the surrounding fruit, so go ahead and feed your Pikmin as much as possible. Remember that you can only get six petals per Pikmin every day.

Upon leveling up to 23, you’ll receive your first Gray Seedling. To fully grow a Gray Seedling, you’ll need to clock in 5,000 steps, making them the most expensive normal Pikmin. After hitting level 23, you’ll begin to find Gray Seedlings through Expeditions, just like any other Seedling.

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Rock Pikmin are slow, but make up for their lack of speed with great strength. A single Rock Pikmin can carry the weight of three normal Pikmin, making them suitable for the heavy fruits found on Expeditions. They’re only surpassed by the mighty Purple Pikmin, who can carry the weight of five Pikmin!

Despite their pointy attire and bulky body, Rock Pikmin are unfortunately not that great for challenges. As we mentioned, Rock Pikmin are the slowest of the main Pikmin, and this means they attack very slowly compared to the other Pikmin.

That’s how you get more Rock Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Rock Pikmin Guide: How to Get Rock Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Tips and Cheats



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