How to Not Get Stickers in Pikmin Bloom


After Niantic’s hit success with Pokemon GO, they are on the road to having created another banger with their all-new augmented reality game, Pikmin Bloom.

You get to collect these half-plant, half-animal, tiny organisms that will prove to be your best friends as you obtain them through your walks in the real world, sending them on various expeditions while getting gifts in the process as well!

Often, you are bound to get ‘stickers’ as gifts from playing the game. While they are fine the first or second time around, they can get annoying and useless real quick.

Do you want some tips on how to avoid getting stickers in Pikmin Bloom? Read on ahead to find out more!

Tips to Avoid Getting Stickers in Pikmin Bloom

Explore Away From Your Usual Areas

There have been several reports that players who have been searching in one single area for a long time tend to get measly stickers over and over. A simple rule of thumb to remember is to diversify the areas where you pick up Pikmin.

Avoid Roadsides

To get more specific, try and stay away from the roadside Pikmin, as they usually give stickers as gifts for the most part.

Use a Detector

Visit areas like the mall or a theme park and use your detector. This tactic is guaranteed to minimize your roadside encounters.

Planting Pikmin Carefully

When you are going to plant a new Pikmin, take a look at the location icon on each seed. If you see a tree and bench icon, it will proceed to just give you a sticker. Hence, make it a point to plant Pikmin that possess a different logo.

After telling you about how to avoid getting stickers, give this a thought…

Pikmin with Stickers Aren’t All That Bad

Well, they are, BUT, if you find a roadside Pikmin that gives you a sticker, and it happens to be a 4 Heart Pikmin, it’s still very useful! They are needed to get high scores when doing raids, so don’t fret about getting a roadside Pikmin if they’re 4 Heart variants!

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How to Not Get Stickers in Pikmin Bloom


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