How to Get A Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

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Pikmin Bloom offers players various colors of Pikmin, with their own distinct features. Players start out with a Red Pikmin Seedling and will continue their adventures to get access to various other Pikmin types, With the increasing number of Pikmin a player collects, the more they can go on new expeditions and collect treasure.

Leveling up is one of the main goals of the game, and players need to complete a number of tasks to level up. One of the major tasks to level up and grow your Pikmin is walking a certain number of steps. You need to keep doing these tasks to get new and rare Pikmin, with the most elusive of them all being the Winged Pikmin!

If you want to find out how to obtain a Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, then read on below!

How to Get a Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Here are the straightforward steps to unlock a Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom:

  • Begin leveling
  • While leveling up, clear each task assigned to you on each level
  • At level 18, walk 99,000 steps
  • Proceed to plant 100 flowers
  • Reach level 19

Voila! The Winged Pikmin seedling is now yours! After being awarded the Winged Pikmin Seedling, players will need to walk 5,000 steps for it to fully grow into a Winged Pikmin.

Winged Pikmin require quite some strength to pick up items, but are very agile and can get around much quicker than other Pikmin types.

And that was our guide to unlocking the Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom! Which Pikmin is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get A Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom


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