How to Get a White Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom


Pikmin are little plant-like creatures that you can grow and collect in Pikmin Bloom. The augmented reality game uses your GPS to pinpoint your location and track you as you walk, and uses your mobile device’s in-built step counter to count the steps that help you grow your Pikmin. In Pikmin Bloom, different colored Pikmin are gradually unlocked as you level up. One of these Pikmin is the White Pikmin: it is a white-colored Pikmin with red eyes, and has a slightly smaller bud and flower, much like a Winged Pikmin. Find out below how to unlock it.

white pikmin bloom
White Pikmin

How to Unlock the White Pikmin

The Pikmin come in different colors and types, and each can be grown from a Seedling. Each Seedling variation is made available to collect and grow once you hit a certain level:

Pikmin Seedling Type/ColourLevel Unlocked
RedAt start
YellowLevel 4
BlueLevel 7
DecorLevel 10
PurpleLevel 13
WhiteLevel 16
WingedLevel 19
RockLevel 23
pikmin bloom planting
Walk and Grow Flowers to Boost Seedling Growth in Pikmin Bloom

White Pikmin can be unlocked at level 16, after you have completed 63,000 steps. The White Seedling then becomes available and you can begin to grow your White Pikmin. White Pikmin Seedling takes 3 Pikmin to carry and 3,000 steps to grow. You can boost the Seedling growth by planting petals as you walk, leaving a path of colorful flowers behind you. Once it has grown, the White Pikmin is slightly faster than its friends, so Expeditions using White Pikmin don’t take as long.

Let us know if you have discovered and grown your own White Pikmin in the comments below.

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How to Get a White Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom


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