Pikmin Bloom: How to Send Pikmin on an Expedition and Collect Postcards

How to Get Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

In case a player of Pikmin Bloom is interested in collecting the postcards, there is an excellent opportunity for them to do it! Our team offers you to send Pikmin on an Expedition using a manual option. It will lead to a positive impact on your relationship status with that particular Pikmin. Besides the postcards, one will get some seedlings and fruits. Our detailed guide will help you understand the steps of sending your Pikmin on the expeditions. Study this step-by-step instruction thoroughly, and you’ll be involved in doing it multiple times per day to get the desired perks!

​Instruction on How to Send Pikmin on an Expedition and Collect Postcards in Pikmin Bloom

For the first, please get to Level 6. At this level, the players get access to the Expeditions option. To go on an Expedition, check our following instructions:

  • The primary step is to open the main menu.
  • Find a map and step counter.
  • Search for the warning that you have expeditions (check the upper portion of the map, please), then hit this line.
  • After that, choose what items you want to be collected by your Pikmin (by the items, we mean seedlings or fruits) and hit “To expedition.”
  • Pick the Pikmin you want to be involved in the Expedition (also, there is an option to choose Pikmin automatically).
  • Please note that the bigger the item you have chosen, the more Pikmin you’ll have to involve.

At that time, when your Pikmin is on the Expedition, you may get a postcard of them hanging out at a nearby destination with the item you have picked. Postcards show the nearby places of the in-game world, and you can send them to your friends.

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The closer the item you have chosen, the less time it will take for your Pikmin to carry it to you.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Then use every minute of the game! You have already studied the guide in detail. This means that you are all set and ready to start! Get some cool stuff once your Pikmin returns to you!

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Pikmin Bloom: How to Send Pikmin on an Expedition and Collect Postcards


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