How to Get a Light Disc in Terraria

The Light Disc in Terraria is a boomerang, very similar in properties to the Thorn chakram. This is a fairly fast-throwing weapon that bounces off walls several times. In the dark, it shines faintly in blue. The disk of light cannot receive a random modification. Also, it can be used continuously by holding down one of the mouse buttons. And it will bring the greatest benefit in a complete set, that is, having 5 pieces of these discs. 

As such, this weapon is quite useful for ranged weapon fans. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get the light disc in Terraria.

How Do I Get a Light Disc in Terraria?

This weapon can only be crafted. First of all, you need 4 Hallowed Bars. They are dropped from bosses like Twins, Skeleton Prime, and Destroyer.

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The next material is 3 Souls of Light. The Soul of Light drops out when you kill enemies of underground Hallow, as well as any creatures that come to this biome.

The next material needed is 5 Soul of Might. Soul of Might can be obtained by killing the Destroyer. Souls of Might are used to create nonmagical items.

And to craft a light disc, you need Orichalcum Anvil or Mithril Anvil. That’s it, enjoy your new weapon!

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