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Soul of Light in Terraria is a component that your hero will need to craft a large number of items in Hardmod. It includes different important accessories and weapons. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get and use a soul of light in Terraria.

How to Get a Soul of Light in Terraria

You can get the soul of light in Terraria by killing enemies in underground shrines location. The path there opens after killing the Wall of Flesh boss.

The chance of dropping out is 1 to 5 (20%). In Expert Mode, it increases to 36%.

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A Few Tips for Farming

One of the best ways to get as much of this ingredient as possible is to go to the Underground Shrine to the very depths, where lava often appears. Place some Water Candles there. Enemies spawned by the Underground Shrine won’t pass through blocks (with the exception of Enchanted Swords) and will be affected by the lava. This effective method can be used to farm other items from creatures that live in this biome too.

If you are playing on consoles, there is another easy way to farm a large number of souls of light. You need to go to the Underground Shrine and summon the King Slime boss using the crown. During the battle, the boss will summon small blue slimes, from which the necessary component will drop. The same method works for the Soul of Night.

What Is It For?

The Soul of Light will be needed when crafting the following items in Terraria on Orichalcum or Mithril Anvil:

  • Crystal Storm
  • Meteorite staff
  • Rainbow rod
  • Sky Fracture
  • Cool Whip
  • Key of Light

This is everything you should know about a Soul of Light in Terraria. While you are here, read our guide on how to get obsidian rose in this game.

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