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The Key of Light in Terraria is a popular object of discussions. Many are interested in the possibilities of using it and how to obtain it. Inherently, the item is useful for the player, because it provides some advantages. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get and use a key of light in Terraria.

Why You Need This Key

The key of light can be put in an empty chest. If you do this, it turns into a Hallowed Mimic. Pay attention that it is possible to do this only if you are in a hard mode. As for now, there is no other way to use this key.

The Hallowed Mimic was created as a reinforced model of the common mimic. It has its own characteristics:

  • A mob can move through blocks, sharply attacking the player, while a normal mob can only attack a simple jump.
  • It can become immobile and stop moving. In this form, the imitator cannot be destroyed. In expert mode, all attempts to hit the mob are reflected back.
  • It can take the shape of a chest waiting for the player.

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How to Create a Key of Light in Terraria

You can craft this item in the workbench. It is there that things are created for a comfortable game. To use the workbench in Terraria, you need to go to it and expand the inventory in the menu. New recipes will appear in the list. To create the key of light, you need 15 souls of light. These items can only be found in hard mode. To do this, you must kill monsters in the underground holy lands. The chance of them losing a soul is 20%.

This is everything you should know about a key of light in Terraria. While you are here, make sure to read our article on all the wings in Terraria.

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