Home Game Guides How to Easily Beat the Destroyer in Terraria | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

How to Easily Beat the Destroyer in Terraria | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

How to Easily Beat the Destroyer in Terraria | Boss Fight Strategy Guide
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Beating the Destroyer in Terraria is no easy feat. While it can annihilate you super easily, you can also be the bane of its existence if you know what needs to be done and prepare accordingly.

If you want to be done with this mechanical boss as soon as possible, you are in the right place. We will show you how to easily beat the Destroyer in Terraria with this boss fight strategy guide.

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How to prepare for the fight with the Destroyer in Terraria

One of the first things you need to do as you set up the grounds to defeat the Destroyer is break altars and get those hard-mode ores. This step will be crucial for getting the best armor for the fight—Adamantite or Titanium armor, depending on what is available. Crafting the full Adamantite armor takes 312 Adamantite Ore (or 78 Adamantite Bars). Try to equip Frozen Wings as well, if possible.

When you get the armor, it’s time to think about weapons. Going ranged is a great idea for the upcoming fight, and you should try to get the Daedalus Stormbow. Even though its power decreased in the latest game update, it is still a great weapon for defeating the Destroyer. Pair the bow with Holy Arrows, and you’ll improve your chances of success significantly—just make sure you craft a lot of them in advance.

Don’t skip stocking up on useful potions, including Endurance, Ironskin, Rage and Wrath Potions, as well as Lifeforce and Regeneration Potions, for obvious reasons.

The last part of the preparation process is to set up your arena for your fight against the Destroyer. If you’re going to use the Daedalus Stormbow, we recommend taking the fight high up and building a sky bridge. You should go as high as 150-200 blocks and leave holes in the bridge, so your arrows can reach the Destroyer. Add a Campfire and some Heart Lanterns, and you’re good to go.

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How to easily beat the Destroyer in Terraria

If you’ve followed the preparation instructions, it’s time to summon the Destroyer using a Mechanical Worm at night. You can easily beat the Destroyer in Terraria if you wreak havoc on this boss from above. Target the Destroyer through the opening in your sky bridge, then do your best to avoid any lasers or probes that come through.

With all these elements you prepared in advance, you could take the Destroyer down in less than a minute if it all goes according to plan. Still, don’t give up if you don’t succeed right away, and feel free to tweak our solutions to match your playstyle.

Let us know how it goes and come back for more Terraria guides whenever you need.

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How to Easily Beat the Destroyer in Terraria | Boss Fight Strategy Guide


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