Have you activated a Hard Mode in Terraria? If yes, you may try to catch the miniboss called Ice Golem. The only condition for this enemy to spawn is to wait for a blizzard in a Snow Boime. The players are searching for the Ice Golem because, with its help, they can produce the Frost Armor and Frozen Wings. So, you want to find and defeat an Ice Golem, right? If yes, you are in the right place. Let us help you reach your aim.

​Ways to Find and Defeat an Ice Golem in Terraria

There are three ways to find and defeat Ice Golem.

The first one is a trap creation. You will need to dig a trench. Its width must be four blocks, and height must be eight-nine blocks. Then you will need to make a door a couple of blocks from the lowest point, and the distance from the doorway and the player’s spot must be four blocks. The Ice Golem will fall into your trap.

The second option is to predict where the Ice Golem should spawn and put blocks (three to four from the surface) there. At the moment of spawning, you will catch Ice Golem and cause damage using ranged weapons. Just build a wall that will be five blocks high, and after that, break the first three blocks. This way, you will protect yourself as Golem cannot jump high.

The last way to catch the Ice Golem is to create a platform with the following dimensions: thickness is five blocks, and length is 15-20 blocks. The next step is to build a (diagonal) peephole. Its width must be two blocks. This way, you will protect yourself from the lasers. After Golem’s spawning process, guide him right to your construction. The main point is to lead him diagonally from the peephole. This way, you will be able to gun him. We also advise you to dig a hole diagonal from the peephole. This way, you will block him in the place where you gun him. We recommend you to use fast weapons like Phoenix Blaster, Megashark, etc.

So, this is how you can find and defeat the Ice Golem Good luck!

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