Titanium is a Hardmode material in Terraria which comes in two forms, Titanium Ore and Titanium bar. It is used for crafting items like Titanium Forge, Titanstone Block, and Titanium Bar. It is a higher value material that you have in the game. In the wake of that, we have prepared a shady guide that talks about how to get Titanium in Terraria.

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How to Get Titanium in Terraria

There are two types of Titanium materials you can get in Terraria. The first one is the raw ore, which is Titanium Ore, and the second one is Titanium bar. Both are used as materials while crafting a variety of items. Here is how you can get both Titanium Ore and Titanium bar in Terraria.

How to Get Titanium Ore

Players can get the Titanium Ore in Terraria by destroying altars once they reach Hardmode. There are two types of altars in Terraria, the Demon Altars, and the Crimson Altars, you can find them around the Chasm in the Corruption or the Crimson area. Players can use a hardmode hammer like the Pwnhammer or higher to destroy the altars.

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If you try to destroy the altars before hardmode, or if you use an underpowered hammer to destroy the altars, you will lose around 50% of your HP.

Players can also obtain Titanium Ore by opening crates.

How to Get Titanium Bar

Players can get the Titanium bar in Terraria via forging. Making a single Titanium bar requires five Titanium ore and an Adamantite or Titanium forge.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the different Titanium materials in Terraria.

If you still find it hard to find Titanium ore in Terraria. Then please refer to this video guide.

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