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Painter in Terraria Mobile: Where to Find and Why They Are Needed

Painter in Terraria Mobile: Where to Find and Why They Are Needed

The Painter is a friendly guy who loves to decorate houses. When he shows up in your Terraria world, he’s ready to sell you lots of fun paints and wallpapers to help you give your base a shiny new coat of paint — literally! In today’s guide, we’ll show you where to find the Painter in Terraria Mobile and why they are needed!

Where to Find the Painter

NPCs in Terraria can be found in one of two ways: they’re either wandering around the world and you must discover them while out on your adventures, or they move in automatically whenever you expand your town.

Thankfully, the Painter belongs to the latter group! He will move into your town after there are at least eight other NPCs living there, and you have an open room for him to take.

Why the Painter is Needed

The Painter is your earliest gateway into decorating your bases, as he sells the Paintbrush and Paint Roller, the tools needed to paint blocks and walls, respectively. Of course, this means that he isn’t absolutely crucial to beating Terraria, but come on… you don’t want to go through the whole game without making a cool house, right?

Both the Paintbrush and Paint Roller sell for one gold each. Of courses, you’ll also need buckets of paint which the Painter also sells for 25 copper a bucket. The Painter also sells fun paintings to spruce up any room in your town, or decorative wallpapers to give any room a little more personality.

The Painter will always sell painting tools, buckets, and wallpapers, but he’ll also sell special items depending on several factors, including what biome his house is in, the current moon phase, or if you’re in hardmode. Here’s a complete list of the things he sells! Note that if nothing is listed under conditions, that means it’s always available.

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Paints & Tools

Paint Roller1g
Paint Scraper1g
Red Paint25c
Orange Paint25c
Yellow Paint25c
Lime Paint25c
Green Paint25c
Teal Paint25c
Cyan Paint25c
Sky Blue Paint25c
Blue Paint25c
Purple Paint25c
Violet Paint25c
Pink Paint25c
Black Paint25c
Gray Paint25c
White Paint25c
Brown Paint25c
Shadow Paint50cHardmode only
Negative Paint75cHardmode only
Illuminant Paint2sPainter must be in Graveyard
Biome Pylon10gSells the pylon to the biome he’s currently in


Bubble Wallpaper1s
Copper Pipe Wallpaper1s
Ducky Wallpaper1s
Fancy Gray Wallpaper1s
Ice Floe Wallpaper1s
Music Wallpaper1s
Purple Rain Wallpaper1s
Rainbow Wallpaper1s
Sparkle Stone Wallpaper1s
Starlit Heaven Wallpaper1s
Christmas Tree Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Candy Cane Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Stars Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Snowflake Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Bluegreen Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Ornament Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Festive Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Squiggles Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Krampus Horn Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only
Grinch Finger Wallpaper1sChristmas Event Only


First Encounter1gFull Moon or Waning Gibbous only
Good Morning1gThird Quarter or Waning Crescent only
Underground Reward1gNew Moon or Waxing Crescent only
Through the Window1gFirst Quarter or Waxing Gibbous only
Deadland Comes Alive1gPainter must be in Crimson
Lightless Chasms1gPainter must be in Corruption
The Land of Deceiving Looks1gPainter must be in Hallow
Do Not Step on the Grass1gPainter must be in Jungle
Cold Waters in the White Land1gPainter must be in Snow Biome
Secret of the Sands1gPainter must be in Desert
Evil Presence1gBlood Moon only
Place Above the Clouds1gPainter must be in Space
Sky Guardian1gHardmode only, Painter must be in Space
Nevermore1gPainter must be in Graveyard
Graveyard (Painting)1gPainter must be in Graveyard
Ghost Manifestation1gPainter must be in Graveyard
Wicked Undead1gPainter must be in Graveyard
Bloody Goblet1gPainter must be in Graveyard
Still Life1gPainter must be in Graveyard

And that’s all you need to know about the Painter in Terraria Mobile! If you have any other questions or tips about the Painter, let us know in the comments below!

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Painter in Terraria Mobile: Where to Find and Why They Are Needed


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