Genshin Impact Leaks new quest with dainsleif
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According to a new leak, Genshin Impact is getting a brand new quest that links Khaenri’ah, the Abyss, Dainsleif, and Traveler’s missing sibling. Along with the new quest leak, we have also had Genshin Impact leaks that suggest a new high-level enemy from the Abyss Order called the Abyss Herald is going to be added to the game shortly.

In a tweet, Genshin Intel mentioned, “A new questline will show us a more detailed picture of the relationships among Khaenri’ah, the abyss, Dainsleif, and the traveller’s missing sibling.”. Apart from that, we do not have any other details on this new quest, its release date, or any other such details.

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Genshin Impact’s new questline leaks appeared when we already have the Chasm location – which is yet to be released. With the version 1.3 update, Genshin Impact finally introduced Dainsleif in the game, along with his quest Bough Keeper: Dainsleif.

It’s a wild guess, but the new quest may be related to the Chasm in one way or another.

With the new leaks, some of the Genshin Impact players were wondering if we will get to see the region Khaenri’ah early, as we already have Dainsleif officially in the game. The answer to that question is a big NO. As the next region that we will get is Inazuma, and that is clearly stated at the end of Zhongi’s quest, as well as, in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail. So, let us put that out of the equation. We will talk about our theory on why we think the Chasm and this new quest may release at the same time in another article.

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The leaks on the new quest that links Khaenri’ah, the Abyss, Dainsleif, and Traveler’s missing sibling and the new enemy Abyss Herald is plausible. Because with Dainsleif’s quest, players venture into a story domain whose descriptions reads –

The abyssal traces have led you back here. Will the Abyss Herald rear its head and let you witness its transformation brought upon by the Abyssal Gospel?

With the mention of Abyss Herald and introduction of Dainsleif in the game, we can assume that the leaks on Abyss Herald and the new quest are true and we will see more on this topic in the near future. Whether from the developers, or from leakers and data miners.

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Dainsleif –> Khaenri’ah –> Cursed Region whose people became monsters –> Abyss Order –> the traveller’s missing sibling(acting leader of the abyss order).

There have been a lot of theories and details that already links all the aforementioned characters, region, and group. We will keep any eye out on any new details, we can get on this new questline. In the meantime, tell us what are your thoughts on the new questline in the comments below.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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