Genshin Impact Flavor of the Month Quest Guide
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The flavour of the Month is the second story quest in Act II of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival event. Once players have completed Missive Of Cloud And Fog Quest. They can take on the flavour of the Month story quest from the Genshin Impact event page. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through the entire story quest without spoiling anything major.

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Flavour of the Month Story Quest Walkthrough Guide

Here is a complete walkthrough guide for the Flavour of the Month story quest. Once Genshin Impact players have taken the quest, Flavour of the Month, they have to talk to an NPC called Brook at Springvale to move forward with the quest.

Talk to Brook at Springvale

Travel to Springvale teleport waypoint and make your way towards the marked location. There you will find Brook, the same person who you and Xiangling challenged for a cooking competition in one of the story quests.

Brook will ask you to look for a person named Schuster in Dragonspine.

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Go to Dragonspine and find Schuster

Teleport to Dragonspine Statue of Seven and glide your way towards Schuster’s location.

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Light fire for Schuster

To progress with the Flavour of the Month quest, Schuster will ask you to light fire as he is dying out of cold. Use any Pyro user to light the camp fire. After that Schuster will give you chilled meat.

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Return to Springvale and talk to Brook

Once you obtained the chilled meat, return to Brook and give her the item. Next, she will ask you to gather a few more items, including Dandelion Seeds and Slime Condensate.

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Give the Dandelion Seeds and Slime Condensate to Brook

Give both Dandelion Seeds and Slime Condensate to brook to complete the quest Flavour of the Month. You can obtain Dandelion Seeds near Mondstadt city gates and for Slime Condensate, you can kill slimes.

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If you are in a hurry, then you can obtain Slime Condensate from Paimon’s Bargain shop.

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You can buy around three Slime Condensate for 5 Stardust Exchange.

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Flavour of the Month Quest Completed

As mentioned earlier, after giving the Dandelion seeds and Slime Condensate to Brook you complete the quest and receive Primogems X 20 and Hero’s Wit X 2 as rewards.

Image Credit – Hritwik, miHoYo

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