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Genshin Impact All Free Playable Characters

Genshin Impact All Free Playable Characters

When it comes to free playable characters, Genshin Impact uses the traditional gacha-games approach as the game rewards players with starter characters, to complete a team. Moreover, some timed events and challenges also reward players with free playable characters.

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At the very beginning of the game, players have to choose between the Traveler twins – Lumine and Aether. A team in Genshin Impact comprises of four playable characters, and during the Genshin Impact intro quest three other characters, namely, Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa join the team.

1.) Amber

Amber is a pyro user with Bow as a choice of weapon. She is one of the most, if not the most underrated characters in Genshin Impact, despite her endless potential. Amber joins the team, right at the very beginning of the game, during the prologue mission.

2.) Kaeya

Kaeya is a Cryo user with the sword as a choice of weapon. He is a very useful character in terms of utility. Just like Amber, Kaeya joins the team during the early part of the game, specifically, during the intro quest, Crash Course.

3.) Lisa

Lisa is an Electro user with Catalyst as a choice of weapon. But, as per the Genshin Impact community, Lisa’s main weapon is her Japanese Voice lines while performing physical work, like climbing, jumping, etc. Jokes apart, similar to Kaeya – Lisa joins the team during the early game, after players complete the mission – Sparks Amongst the Pages.

4.) Barbara

Barbara is a hydro user as well as a powerful healer. Just like Lisa, her choice of weapon is the Catalyst. She was available as a free character before update 1.1, when players reached Adventure Rank 20, they were rewarded with Barbara. Though, one and only major pre-requisite for redeeming her was that the Genshin Impact accounts should be created before Update 1.1’s launch.

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Players who created a new account and started playing the game after update 1.1 cannot claim Barbara. However, after update 1.1 players who complete – A Long Shot quest (Adventure Rank 18 or above) were rewarded with a free Barbara.

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Characters that were free in Genshin Impact, but now they are not

The character mentioned below were available as a free character for a fixed period of time.

1.) Xiangling

Xiangling is a Pyro user with Polearm as a weapon of choice. Players were able to claim Xiangling for free once they cleared the Spiral Abyss till Floor 3 Round 3(Adventure Rank 20 or above).

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2.) Fischl

Fisch is a Electro character with Bow as a weapon of choice. She is the most recent playable character that was made available for free during the Unreconciled Stars Event.

Noelle – Paid, Yet Treated as a Free Character

Noelle is a Geo user with Claymore as a choice of weapon. Also, she is a guaranteed drop in the beginner’s wish banner. Therefore, she is quite often treated as a free playable character.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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Genshin Impact All Free Playable Characters


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