Full Town Map and Layout in Sneaky Sasquatch


The town in Sneaky Sasquatch is where players can find shops and other buildings, the Town Hall, and continue chapter 2 of the storyline. It is also where you can scare the Townsfolk! The town has grocery stores and cafes where you can buy (or steal) food, places to stay, and other places where you can get a job. Check out our guide below to find out all about the full town map and layout in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Sneaky Sasquatch Town: Full Map and Layout

The Sneaky Sasquatch Town is found west of the campsite. It includes many buildings to visit for various reason. Check them out below:

Town sneaky sasquatch
The Town in Sneaky Sasquatch (via RAC7)
Town BuildingUseLocation
SupermarketBuy or steal foodNorth East of Town
Gas Station ShopBuy or steal foodNorth East of Town
DinerBuy foodSouth of Supermarket
CafeBuy coffee, mocha, teaWest of Supermarket
ArcadePlay games and win prizesNext to Cafe
Clothing StorePurchase costumes and clothingWest of Arcade
ApartmentPurchase a homeNear Clothing Store
BankOpen an accountWest of Apartments
Police StationWhere you end up when you are arrested or become a Police OfficerTo the South
Newspaper OfficeGet a jobSouth of the Bank
Town HallFor permits and to look at records, also the location of the MayorWestern side of Town
R CorpsFor work and to continue the storylineTo the East of Town Hall

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A Reddit user (r/Arthurine) posted a basic layout to help players find their way around town which you may also find useful:

sneaky sasquatch map layout
Sneaky Sasquatch Town Layout (via Reddit)

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That is all you need to know about the Town in Sneaky Sasquatch. We hope that has helped you find your way around! Good luck.

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Full Town Map and Layout in Sneaky Sasquatch


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