How to Get Out of Jail in Sneaky Sasquatch

After the commitment of crime in Sneaky Sasquatch, you will be sent to jail. It is quite sad since you will need to wait until policemen will let you out. But some players wonder if there was any way to break out of jail. This article will tell you about all the ways you can get out of jail in Sneaky Sasquatch.

How to Get Out of Jail

If you were caught by police after the commitment of crime, they will send you to jail. Currently, there is only one legit way to get out of there. You just need to wait until they will let you out. You can use the toilet and bed there. Police will free you at noon, but until this moment, you will have to wait. However, there are bags you can use to break out.

If you don’t want to wait until policemen will let Sasquatch out, you can use a trick. It is a bug based on car driving and you can abuse it to break out.

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How to Break Out of Jail with a Car in Sneaky Sasquatch

There is a bug that will help you to get out of jail. You will need to bring a car that will fit in the doors of the Police station. It may be some kart or bike. Then put your vehicle near the iron grates of jail you will be sent into. Then commit some crime.

When you will be sent to jail, all you need is to simply approach the vehicle you’ve parked near grates. Then, if you do everything right, you will see an opportunity to drive the vehicle. When you use it, your character will start driving. Sasquatch will appear outside of the iron grates because the vehicle was parked there. That’s how you break out. Good luck with your adventures.

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