Home Game Guides Frag vs. Semtex: Which Lethal Is Best in MW2? – Answered

Frag vs. Semtex: Which Lethal Is Best in MW2? – Answered

Frag vs. Semtex: Which Lethal Is Best in MW2? – Answered
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Frag vs. Semtex, so which lethal is best in Modern Warfare 2? If you have this question and during matches, you often have these two on a random basis in your loadout, then keep reading our comparison guide. 

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Frag vs. Semtex: Which Lethal Is Best in MW2?

The Frag Grenade used in Modern Warfare 2 is the M67 Grenade that you can cook and throw on enemies to deal around 50,000 damage, which is way more than what it takes to kill opponents or you “if you don’t throw it on time.”

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The damage numbers are seen after hacking the character’s armor and holding the Grenade till it explodes. 

On the other hand, Semtex is a lethal equipment in Modern Warfare 2 that acts similar to the Frag Grenade with more control and precision at the expense of less damage. 

Yes! In terms of raw damage, the Semtex falls behind the Frag Grenade. But there are some benefits of using Semtex over Frag. Such as:

  • Semtex Grenade is sticky. It attaches to an opponent or any surface. 
  • Semtex Grenade explodes after some time. 
  • You can cancel a Semtex Grenade even after you have removed its pin by pressing the weapon switch button. 

But there are also some caveats to it. Such as, players can run to a Trophy System before Semtex explodes to diffuse it. You also need good aim and a fast response to attach it to an opponent. And so on. 

Taking all this into account, we can say that both Semtex and Frag grenade have their own use and shine in different situations. But to us, the Semtex proves to be a better Lethal Equipment. 

But as we said. It’s more of a situational kind of thing. So, it is better to use them based on which map or game mode you are playing. A small example would be if you want to deal with those pesky Riot Shield wielders, use the Semtex. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on Frag vs. Semtex, which lethal is best. 

For more on Modern Warfare 2, check out our dedicated guides section. 

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Frag vs. Semtex: Which Lethal Is Best in MW2? – Answered


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