Movement is one of the fundamental mechanics in Call of Duty games that separates regular players from the good ones and even pros. And the latest iteration, Modern Warfare 2, is no exception. While the game offers a few movement tricks that players can use during a match to outwit their opponents, hardcore players tend to find new maneuver tricks like Slide Cancel and other such things, further advancing the movement. This Modern Warfare 2 movement guide will discuss how to sprint, Tactical Sprint, Dolphin Dive, Slide Cancel, and more. 

Modern Warfare 2 Movement Guide

Maneuvers like Dolphin Dive, Sprint, Tactical Sprint, Slide Cancel, and others make up the movement in Modern Warfare 2, and here is how you can perform these movements. 

How to Sprint in Modern Warfare 2

Depending on the platform, different buttons enable you to perform a Sprint movement in Modern Warfare 2. 

  • On PC: You can press (or hold) the left Shift button to Sprint. 
  • On Consoles: You can press (or hold) the left analog stick. 

How to Tactical Sprint in Modern Warfare 2

Tactical Sprint is a nuanced version of the standard Sprint that is most useful to controller players as it cancels the need to hold down or press the left analog stick continuously. In Tactical Sprint, your character will hold the gun upwards and run at a much faster speed. 

That said, here is how you can do Tactical Sprint in Modern Warfare 2:

  • On PC: You can press the left Shift button twice quickly and then hold the button to perform Tac Sprint. 
  • On Consoles: Enable Automatic Sprint and select Auto Tactical Sprint and customize its behavior in the Gameplay section of the Settings menu. After that, just moving forward can enable Tac Sprint. 

How to Dolphin Dive in Modern Warfare 2

You can perform a Dolphin Dive in Modern Warfare 2 by pressing and holding the prone button while sprinting. 

  • On PC: Sprint and then press the CTRL key to Dolphin Dive. 
  • On Xbox: Sprint and then press the B button to Dolphin Dive.
  • On PlayStation: Spring and then press the Circle button to Dolphin Dive.

How to Slide Cancel in Modern Warfare 2

Slide Canceling is one of the most advanced maneuvers in Modern Warfare 2 that you can perform to move around the map quickly. It allows you to cover more distance in less time than any other movement, and its uneven motion keeps you out of the enemy’s crosshairs. 

The Slide Cancel is one of the infamous movement techniques officially removed in Modern Warfare 2. But players have already found new ways to perform it.

  • Slide Cancel 1: Perform Slide -> ADS -> Jump in the same sequence. 
  • Slide Cancel 2: Perform Slide -> ADS -> Melee -> Jump in the same sequence. 
  • Slide Cancel 3: Perform Slide -> Double Tap ADS -> Jump in the same sequence. 
  • Slide Cancel 4: Perform Slide -> Switch to Primary Weapon -> ADS -> Jump in the same sequence. 

That is it. That concludes our Modern Warfare 2 movement guide. While you are here, check out some other guides on COD MW2:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on October 28, 2022.

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Modern Warfare 2 Movement Guide: How To Perform Dolphin Dive, Slide Cancel, Tactical Sprint And More


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