Best Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes

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If you want only the best of the best in Chained Echoes, you won’t settle for anything else but the ultimate weapons. However, to get them, you will have to do quite a lot of exploration and comb through every hidden nook and cranny.

The best weapons in Chained Echoes are obtainable through the A Hammer Beating in the Sky quest that unlocks quite late in the game. The good news is that you will find a lot of rusty weapon pieces and Souls of Farnese necessary to craft the ultimate version of each weapon through different side quests or from various merchants scattered all over Valandis.

The game has 12 rusty pieces for each weapon class that match different characters, and we have made our selection of the best five Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes just for fun.

Rusty Greatsword

The greatsword is Raphael’s weapon of choice. To get this rusty piece, you will have to find a special merchant in the northeast of the Ograne Grottos (the one that also sells Dayajir’s Soul). This is possible only if you access the grottos from the base of Raminas Tower, which means you will need the elevator key, obtainable in the same room in the Nhysa Academy where you got the map for the Flying Smithy.

When you get out of the tower, head west and then south to find the mouse merchant and buy the Rusty Greatsword for 7,499a.

Rusty Katana

This is Sienna’s ultimate weapon. You will find it in Norgant’s stock in the Kortara Mountain Range but only if you complete the Two-Winged Angel side quest first. When you’re done with that side quest, go back and purchase the Rusty Katana for 9,999a.

Rusty Rapier

Rusty Rapier is meant for Victor. The weapon is in the locked manor, located in the middle of the lake in Rohlan Fields. To get the key, you should head to the area above the Eternal Flame Temple and look through the chests. When you get it, explore the locked manor and find the Rusty Rapier in the same room where Charon’s Coin Bag is.

Rusty Bow

This is Robb’s ultimate weapon, and you will get it as the reward for completing the side quest called No Place for Happy Endings, which starts in Flandern in the Kortara Mountain Range quite early in the game. However, you won’t be able to complete this side quest and get the rewards until after you complete the main story.

Rusty Gun

To get Amalia’s ultimate weapon, you will need to go to the Camp in Fiorwoods and recruit a lumberjack called… Jack. He will eventually clear out the wooded area in front of him to reveal a chest that contains the Rusty Gun.

And there you have it—that was our selection of the best Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes. Let us know if you have any other preferences among the remaining seven options and make sure to check out our other Chained Echoes guides, including How to Find All Class Emblems and Where to Find the Secret Place in Arkant Archipelago.

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Best Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes


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