How to Find All Class Emblems in Chained Echoes

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One of the best ways to improve the skills of your characters in Chained Echoes is to collect Class Emblems. In this 16-bit graphics JRPG that has a strong 90s feel, you can find Class Emblems scattered all over the game and equip them to any character on your team to improve their existing abilities or open new options.

This game contains 12 of these useful collectibles, and if you’re wondering how to find all Class Emblems in Chained Echoes, let’s dive in and collect them all!

What to Do Before Locating Class Emblems in Chained Echoes

To collect each emblem, you will need to find Sacred Water and an emblem-specific Hero of Leonar statue. Numerous chests found all over Valandis contain the necessary Sacred Water, but you can also get it by creating chains Reward Board chains.

Once you get Sacred Water, you just need to find each statue, make an offering, and win the triggered battle with location-specific monsters to get your emblem.

How to Find All Class Emblems in Chained Echoes

Cleric Emblem

This emblem is the first you will collect in the game as you encounter the statue at the end of the Narslene Sewers as you’re running away from Farnsport Palace. At this point, you should already have one Sacred Water from the tutorial.

Warrior Emblem

Madhim the Warrior statue that grants this emblem is southeast of Basil, close to the Seaside Village. Leave Basil by heading south and turn east where possible. Jump down the hole in the ground into a small lake. After you slide down the waterfall, head west, climb up, and continue along the path to reach the statue located in a small pond.

Monk Emblem

This statue is located on the top floor of Kindreld Monastery. Keep heading up north via several different staircases after you pass the merchant, the final staircase being in the northeast corner of the second floor. Head through the gate and run west when you climb all the way up to locate the statue.

Vampire Emblem

Cardilo the Vampire statue is in Fiorwoods. You will need to go north of Iden and pass through the woods until you reach what looks like a dead end. However, you can pass through a wall of trees and eventually reach a Taryn scientist camp. Head down the wooden boardwalk, and the statue will be at the end.

Bandit Emblem

The statue that grants this emblem is in a hidden area in Rockbottom. Head north from the settlement and pay attention to a path that leads west hidden between trees. Follow the path until you stumble into a crab village with the Hera the Bandit statue.

Shaman Emblem

Renia the Shaman statue is in Perpetua Fields. Close to the traveling crystal, you will go over a wooden bridge, but you need to activate the mushroom path that leads to the west of the bridge first. Once you open the path, head that way from the bridge. When you reach the land, keep heading north and climbing up to reach the statue that gives you the Shaman Emblem.

Summoner Emblem

To reach this statue and collect the emblem, you will need Flying. The statue is located in Arkant Archipelago. Head to the big island in the southwestern part of the archipelago, and find the statue at its southern end, encircled by palm trees.

Chemist Emblem

This statue is on the biggest island in the southwestern section of Shambala—somewhat isolated, but difficult to miss on the map. To reach it, you will have to re-enable flying by deactivating two ASAC emplacements in the area.

Mage Warrior Emblem

The statue for this emblem is in the Ograne Grottos. You will need to complete the A Goblin Dilemma quest first since you’ll need Incocybin Berries bought from a merchant that unlocks in this quest. Once you have everything you need, head to the section west of the traveling crystal to find the statue.

Rune Knight Emblem

To get your hands on this emblem, you will first need to get the Church Key from the Empyrean Ruins, find the church in the southwest of Perpetua, locate the hidden basement by checking out the painting of a tree, and get the stone tablets that reveal the location of the small shrine which contains the statue.

The shrine is on the border between Perpetua and Fiorwoods, and you will first need to finish a puzzle before you can reach the statue and get the emblem.

Gambler Emblem

The stone tablets from the abandoned church reveal the location of this statue as well, but in this case, you will need to go to the southwest of Valandis, close to Kortara Mountains. On location, you will have to solve another orb puzzle. When you’re done, you’ll be able to access the statue and fight your way to the emblem.

Pyromancer Emblem

The location of this statue is hidden in the same stone tablets as for the previous two. For this one, you will have to go to the northwest of Valandis and complete yet another puzzle to open the statue chamber and get your emblem.

At this point, you should have all 12 emblems in Chained Echoes. Enjoy the perks and check out our other Chained Echoes guides, including Where to Find the Secret Place in Arkant Archipelago or What Are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes.

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How to Find All Class Emblems in Chained Echoes


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