What Are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes? – Explained

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One of the most exciting parts of Chained Echoes is the different enemies you can encounter while playing the game. Each enemy has unique stats and abilities, and knowing the differences and quirks of each enemy will give you the edge you need to defeat them. Canned Enemies are unique enemies that you will encounter throughout the game so we created this article to help you out when you inevitably encounter them. Keep reading below to find out!

What are Canned Enemies?

In the game, there is a special list of cannable enemies. They can be quickly canned using Uncanny Encounter. And you can check your bestiary and find all the canned enemies. The distinguishing feature is that they are pointed with a special can icon. So, it is challenging not to notice canned enemies in Chained Echoes.

Why Do You Need Canned Enemies

Once you know what Canned Enemies are, it is time to discover why you need them. They are a necessary part of the game. Therefore, basic knowledge of Canned Enemies will come in handy for beginners and experienced players. 

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If you unlock Tomke, you will discover that this character has only 1 Action Skill – Uncanny Encounter. Moreover, you will not unlock new Tomke skills even if you level up this hero. The only way to open a new Action Skill for Tomke is to use Uncanny Encounter against Cannable enemies.

Also, keep in mind that you should use Uncanny Encounter only if the opponent has less than ¼ health points. Otherwise, you will simply spend your Grimoire Shard without a result. And below, there is a list of all skills you can get from Canned Enemies.

  • Convert
  • Run Aground
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Hard Swing
  • Spinning Swirl
  • Sailor’s Song
  • Freak Wave
  • Broken Accordion
  • Sacrifice
  • Cigarrette’s Light
  • Know Your Limits

That’s it with canned enemies in Chained Echoes. Even though they are an integral part of the game, many people ignore them, which is a big mistake. They are the only option to get Action skills for Tomke.

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What Are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes? – Explained


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